SEO Company Alpha Online Examination System

An efficient, flexible and adaptable solution which lets you quickly and easily create online Examination

Alpha Online Examination System (Smart Exam™) is a complete exam management solution which allows individuals and organisations to arrange, conduct and manage any objective examination via online. It is a web based multi-purpose online system that can be used in education, training, recruitment, marketing, and many other applications. Smart Exam™ can also be customised to suit your specific requirements.

  • Allows you to build, and manage your own exams or tests quickly and easily

  • Reduces the costs and improve the speed and quality of delivering exams

  • Provides Convenience, security, and flexibility for your organisation, and your candidates

  • Gives you you the flexibility to manage, create, and administer your online exam

Three Easy Steps

1. Enter Data
Groups & Candidates
Subjects & Questions
2. Take Exams
Create Exams
Edit or Delete Exams
3. Result & Report
Immediate results
Generate Report


  • Schools & Teachers

  • Training Centres

  • Government

  • Educational Institutes

  • Corporate Training

  • Recruitment Exams

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